What is counselling and what does it offer?


Counselling offers an opportunity for you to explore your thoughts and emotions in a safe, confidential setting. The overall aim of counselling is to provide an opportunity for you to work towards living in a way you find more satisfying and resourceful.

There are many different reasons why people decide to see a counsellor. Some are feeling depressed, anxious, having difficulties in relationships or are battling addictions that they don't feel able to control. A lot of people come because they feel sad and empty inside.

Essentially people seek counselling for a wide variety of reasons but mostly because they feel stuck, unsatisfied or lost in their lives. Many people are not in crisis but are interested in finding out about themselves, improving relationships and living a more rewarding life.

Couples counselling

couplesIn my work with couples I offer a space where you both can feel heard and understood. I also work with you to understand why the problems arose in the first place.

We can then look at what each of you can do differently when similar problems arise in the future.

What is the process?

It is not uncommon to feel a certain amount of anxiety when seeking therapeutic help. In this respect it may perhaps be useful to think of our first appointment more as an opportunity to meet each other and to explore how counselling might help.

There is no commitment to ongoing therapy at this stage. If you do decide that you would like us to continue working together we would agree on a regular time and day convenient to us both.

How long does it last and what is the cost?

Each session lasts for 50 minutes at a cost of £35. The number of sessions will be discussed at the initial appointment. Many issues can be resolved in short-term work, whilst others may require longer-term work.