John Childs Counselling


I would like to help you to find clarity, understanding and relief, as well as possibly assisting you to reach your full potential.

When I work with clients I try to be warm, real and spontaneous. I personalise the therapy in accordance with the needs of the client. This is opposed to using just one particular school of theory, in the belief that we are all unique and one size does not fit all.

I engage with my clients emotionally and intellectually, giving space for them to think about their life in their own way at their own pace.

I am an accredited counsellor with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). BACP accreditation takes some years to achieve and involves a substantial level of training and experience that has been approved by the BACP.


The overall aim of counselling is to provide an opportunity for you to work towards living in a way you find more satisfying and resourceful. Read More


I am a trained and experienced mediator and can be contacted to provide an assessment on issues where other strategies have not been successful. Read More

Life Coaching

Life coaching will help the individual clarify what is important to them. Help them identify any blocks or barriers that might be preventing them from getting more out of life. Read More

Stress Awareness Workshops

Stress awareness workshops can be delivered within a half day or full day and can be adapted to suit organisational needs. Read More